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SWANA Club members gather in room 346 after school every week to explore their identity with peers. They host discussions about being part of an underrepresented community and celebrate their roots together.
SWANA Club navigates culture and identity
Simon Dolev, Staff Writer • April 25, 2024

On Wednesdays after school in room 346 of the Greenough building, an animated group of students nibble on kleicha, a sweet spiced date-filled cookie, while alternating between...

French-studying students took a trip to France, visiting many key places such as Angers and Paris and immersed themselves in the culture and environment.
French Exchange takes students across Atlantic
Ambre Gherbi, News Managing Editor • April 25, 2024

After French-studying students successfully hosted their counterparts in October, it was finally time to go to France. The first week of the French Exchange took place...

The new digital SAT/PSAT is now adaptive and modifies the questions based on previous answers. Students went from bubbling in answers clicking through test screens.
Say bye to bubble sheets, and hello to new digital Bluebook
Craig Haas, Staff Writer • April 25, 2024

Since 1926, students taking the College Board’s SAT and PSAT exams heard pencil scratches as people filled in multiple-choice bubbles in an otherwise silent room. Starting...

Not only did the French Exchange provide an introduction to a new
culture but also a new community among students on the trip.
French exchange program success is brie-ond belief
Hannah Carrick and Suvi Carlile April 8, 2024
This year was the first year since February, 2020 that the French Exchange Program took place. Our teacher last year, Madame Gurry, one of the chaperones for the trip, introduced
This year’s Spirit Week consisted of five themed days: pajamas and onsies on Monday; school pride
on Tuesday; class colors on Wednesday; sports jerseys on Thursday; and summer vibes on Friday.
School Spirit Needs Boosting
Amelia Baraona Barros, Contributing Writer • April 8, 2024
Junior Eleanor Churchill uses various styles, such as doodles and paintings, as a means to express her viewpoint and perspective of the world.
From doodle to canvas: Churchill paints her way
Ellie Hong, Staff Writer • May 18, 2024

Doodles, drawings and paintings. Art has always, in some way, shape or form, had a place in junior Eleanor Churchill’s life. Churchill has been drawing and painting from...

Junior Natalie Tulipani read her original poem “Familiarity” before the 19th Annual Poetry Fest crowd, which took place on May 8th, 2024.
Poetry Fest: Bonded in verse
Cleo Blanding, Arts Editor • May 16, 2024

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Senior Abby Cooney has decided to take her leadership skills and athletic talent to Ursinus College, where she will continue her lacrosse career.
Abby Cooney takes her lacrosse skills to the collegiate level
Vilena Tchernychev, Staff Writer • May 8, 2024

Leadership can often equate to being vocal and imposing. However, this is not always the case. Senior and girls varsity lacrosse captain Abby Cooney leads by example and plays...

Students are learning how to manage their time during sports seasons, as they find themselves balancing homework with practice.
Students juggle academics and ahtletics
Mirta Ceraj, Staff Writer • May 2, 2024

Every day, student-athletes go home to tackle a mountain of homework after a long day of classes and practice. They face a difficult decision: pulling an all-nighter or receiving...

Sophomore Eric Bardon runs during a meet at the New Balance Track facility.
David Pérez-Lawrence takes the shot
Julia Vianello, Staff Writer • April 24, 2024

In the heart of the action, amidst thunderous applause and adrenaline-fueled clashes, one student stands poised, not holding a ball or stick, but a camera. Sophomore David...

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The student news site of Brookline High School
The student news site of Brookline High School