Student athletes express gratitude


Contributed by Olivia Sheehan.

Student athletes reflect back on their season experience, giving thanks to their coaches and teammates.


Alexandra Levy has been playing varsity soccer since her freshman year. Levy said that sports tend to teach determination, hard work and perseverance to young athletes.

“My favorite part about soccer is the community that it builds. It’s important to recognize that soccer is not just a hobby but a beautiful way to unite people. It’s a community,” Levy said.

Levy said that it was hard for the seniors to have their last season of soccer during COVID-19 restrictions.

“I’m really proud of the seniors on my team as well as my captains, Melanie Chernin, Lindsey Mahoney and Sam Friedman. Thank you to them for working with what they had and making the best of it,” Levy said.

Sara Gonzalez first signed up for soccer eight years ago so she could be active with her friends. Shortly after, Gonzalez started to fall in love with the sport, only realizing a few years later that her love for soccer was more personal than she initially thought.

“My grandfather was a professional soccer player and I had never gotten to meet him. Putting myself in soccer gave me a certain connection to him and my family, ” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said that many people underrate the importance of teammates.

“Soccer can be so mentally draining and the competition can be really intense. I would have to thank my teammate, Alex Levy for always helping me persist through the toughest of times. Being able to turn to her felt really good, especially since she knew exactly what to say at the right time,” Gonzalez said.


Anna Kaplan joined the cross country team her freshman year. Cross country gave Kaplan the opportunity to try something new and push herself to exactly where she wanted to be. Kaplan said her coach has been supportive of her from the very beginning.

“My coach, Mike Deyoung, was super supportive when I came my freshman year. I was definitely nervous about joining a high school sport, and he was so welcoming. I’d like to thank him for never giving up on me,” Kaplan said.

Claire Choi said that she practices the perfect amount for her to improve her running.

“I’d like to thank my coaches, Mike Deyoung and Adrienne Passcuchi, because they really care about the kids and they push, but not to the point where you are injuring yourself. I just think they are the best coaches I’ve ever had,” Choi said.

James Vickers began cross country the winter of his freshman year. Vickers’ favorite part about the cross country team includes the chance to be physically active outside. During these strange times, Vickers was thankful for everything his coach did for the team.

“I would give a huge shout out to my coach, Mike Glennon, for doing so much for the team: organizing it, making sure the season runs smoothly and being one of the best running coaches I’ve ever had,” Vickers said.


Olivia Sheehan has been playing field hockey since her freshman year. According to Sheehan, Field hockey is a very community driven sport and a space where one gets to watch themselves get better over time.

“There is a really good environment, and we’re all very supportive of each other. Everyone there wants to do their best, which means that we get really good family bonding. I just love it so much,” Sheehan said.

According to Sheehan, the impact of COVID-19 was very severe for field hockey. This year, the team had to shrink their division, which meant that they had eight players fewer than normal. Of course, COVID-19 also changed the overall speed of the game and the level of intensity.

In light of all of these changes, Sheehan was grateful that her coach and captains were able to lead.

“I’d like to thank my coach, Emily Hunt, as well as my two captains, Clemmie Hawkins and Shea Miller-Novello. All three of them had such inspiring leadership through COVID-19. Thank you for keeping our heads up and reminding us that we were going to get better no matter what the outcome of the game was,” Sheehan said.