Your Guide to Northern Brookline: where can you go to hang out with friends?



A comprehensive map of Northern Brookline, with important locales.

It’s been a long day of hard work and learning, and you’re just one minute away from picking up your bags and finally being able to leave the school campus. The glorious moment arrives, and class is dismissed. You race impatiently down the stairs to find your friends outside, and as soon as you approach them, they ask you the one question you’ve been waiting to hear all day: “Where should we hang out?”

Brookline Booksmith

Sophomore Chrissy Scheer said that the Brookline Booksmith, a bookstore located in Coolidge Corner, offers a nice space to feel closed off from the world in order to cherish time with friends.

“I love how the Booksmith is relatively close to the high school. It’s nice that there are a lot of access points to everything from the high school,” Scheer said.

Junior Helen Ives said that the Brookline Booksmith helps take her mind off academics and the school environment, allowing her to escape into a different world.

“I love just being in the aroma and environment of books. I get so overflowed with work sometimes, and it feels grounding to be at the Booksmith,” Ives said.

Fisher Hill Reservoir Park

Located one mile away from the high school, Fisher Hill Reservoir Park provides a space for sophomore Zara Ceraj to make the fondest of memories with her friends.

“I personally am a fan of picnics, and I love having a picnic with my friends at Fisher Hill. We end up laughing the whole time and eating yummy food,” Ceraj said.

Ceraj has been a big park person since her childhood, but said that due to the pandemic, she is spending even more time with friends and family outdoors.

“I would recommend going to Fisher Hill because it feels safe. It’s just overall a very good environment,” Ceraj said.

Pierce School Playground

According to sophomore Mir Stojanov, the Pierce School playground is undoubtedly the superior park. Located at a walking distance from the highschool, Stojanov says that the playground is a great place to go with friends.

“[Pierce Park] has fun playgrounds that are made for the children, but I like them too. I love laying on the grass, and the park has a giant slide too,” Stojanov said.

Stojanov said that Pierce Park reminds them of their childhood.

“Generally, there’s lots of grass, and big open space. It reminds me of elementary school, and all that fun stuff,” Stojanov said.

Olmsted Park

Sophomore Shaanti Raychaudhuri said that Olmsted Park brings out her inner peace with it’s beautiful views and many seasonal colors.

“[Olmsted Park] is one of the largest parks in Brookline and it’s just gorgeous: the fall colors; the cherry blossom trees; the water; there’s even an area that looks like a mini beach. Once you get on top of the hills, you have a beautiful view. There are so many different flowers there, and it’s close to Jamaica Pond, which I also love,” Raychaudhuri said.

Raychaudhuri said that she enjoys going on runs in Olmsted Park, especially in the springtime.

“I find myself going for a run, but there are just so many beautiful scenes that I keep snapping photos and stopping,” Raychaudhuri said.

Summit Hill

When sophomore Aliana Dellarocco goes to Summit Hill, it’s usually to take in the beautiful summer scenery with her friends.

“I love going to see the sunset, watching the stars, and being on the hammocks. I would recommend going because it’s very pretty and you can see the skyline. It’s a very good spot to go to with friends!” Dellarocco said.

Drink Me

Freshman Ian Hansen loves going to Drink Me, a small boba shop located in Coolidge Corner.

“The reason why I love Drink Me is that I was the first customer they’ve ever had. The people that own it are very nice, and they make really good food!” Hansen said.

Buffalo Exchange

According to junior Helen Ives, casual browsing at the Buffalo Exchange, a clothing store in Coolidge Corner is just what she needs after a long school day.

“It can be really nice to come to such a great environment. Clothes can be very meditative and just overall fun. It’s like escaping into different bodies and personalities where you let your thoughts occupy the problems of a different world, but it lets go of all the stress,” Ives said.

Florida Ruffin Ridley School Playground

On a typical afternoon, freshman Christa Washburn can commonly be found in the Florida Ruffin Ridley School Playground with friends.

“The playground is where you can take in all of the noise from the world and find peace with it, and at the same time have fun! There are also some really nice gardens, which make good places to sit with friends,” Washburn said.