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Jenny Longmire

Jenny Longmire

Jenny Longmire, originally from Aspen, Colorado, is entering her fifteenth year at the high school and is the new Associate Dean at Old Lincoln School. She supports the Class of 2025 and makes sure that they have a great experience in school.

What are the main aspects of your new job?

As a dean, I am part of the support staff for students. My job is to basically make sure that they are getting all the things they need to be successful. I’m looking at attendance, making sure they are coming to school, meeting with students and making sure they are getting any outside support, counseling or such that they might need to be getting and working with the guidance counselors to make sure their schedules are set and make sure students know where to go.

Which of those things are you really looking forward to?

I guess I like the whole package: connecting students to what they need and making sure they are set up to be successful. I don’t really love doing attendance, or feel excited or disappointed about it, but it is part of my job.

What personal quality will help you in this new role?

I am very organized. I also care deeply about students. I believe in public education, and I believe that all students can succeed. Everyone can learn, and everyone deserves support to be successful. All that is important as I will probably face some challenges in my role as a dean and as a teacher. I get to teach, and it’s awesome, but I think I’m going to run into more challenges.

How did you spend your summer?

I spent my summer with my six year old and my eight year old. We spent a lot of time in Vermont and at the pool. I was a mom for the summer.

How do you like to relax during the school year?

I love to run. That’s my mental break. You might see me after school with my running shoes heading out to go for a run. That’s how I get a break and allow myself to relax.

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