Girls varsity soccer wraps up first regular season with new head coach



It has been a new team and a new season for the girls varsity soccer team. With two regular season games left, the team’s record stands at 9-3-3.

A new coach, a new team and a new season for the girls varsity soccer (GVS) team bring a rise in excitement. A new legacy begins for GVS as the prior assistant coach Ben Peters leads the team as the new head coach.

A week before the 2022 soccer season started, Peters got the coaching position. And even though the team was unprepared with the last-minute selection, the GVS captains and Peters quickly adapted.

Peters said he wants to be the head coach for GVS because he finds it fun to teach a talented group of players and wants to keep working with them.

“Having been with this program for eight seasons now, it’s just so much fun to watch the kids grow up, develop into better soccer players and see these kids that I’ve known from 3rd grade rise up and make the varsity team,” Peters said. “I’ve fallen in love with the town, the program and all the players. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.”

Peters said his goal for the team is to create an inclusive environment while maintaining a competitive environment.

“I want team unity and I want them to have a great experience. I want them to have fun and be with their friends, but also compete, play and win,” Peters said.

Captain and senior Cece Wager said that Peters is a lot more understanding than the previous coach and is doing a great job listening and communicating with the team.

“He’s a lot more optimistic and positive with his feedback. He really clicks with the girls on the team,” Wager said. “He’s doing a lot more listening to me, especially. I don’t think I got that a lot last year. I will give him feedback, and he’ll listen and apply it, which is a great feeling.”

Junior Amara Ukomadu said the environment that Peters has created is more encouraging and the team has a stronger bond as a result.

“Whenever anyone’s coming off the field, the first thing he does is congratulate or encourage people. I think he’s making the vibe of the team a lot more comfortable,” Ukomadu said.

As a new player on the team, sophomore Nora Sheu said she thinks that the team environment is and feels like a second family.

“On a soccer team, you’re able to bond over soccer because you’re so close,” Sheu said. “Everyone is hard on each other to win the games but it’s nothing personal because, in the end, everyone does it because of how much they care for each other and how much they care for the game.”

This year, GVS has a smaller roster of 21 players. Wager said that this is a positive change because the team is more close-knit.

“In past years, there’s always been a bit of animosity between players with regards to playing time because, obviously, a little bit of jealousy comes in,” Wager said. “So having a smaller roster makes it a lot more of an intimate team because we all know each other, trust each other and understand that the girl next to us is incredibly talented.”

Sheu said that she trusts Peters and that he’s doing a great job in creating a competitive but welcoming environment.

“If anyone had doubts about Ben as a coach, I would say don’t have them. I was a little nervous, not just because I was new on the team but because of the new coach and everything,” Sheu said. “But, he has been doing such a great job and I think things are going to be really good this season.”