“Black Adam” smashes superhero stereotypes



“Black Adam” was released on Oct. 21 by Warner Bros. Pictures. The main character, played by Dwayne Johnson, follows an untraditional superhero arc.

What does it mean to be a hero? “Black Adam” explores this question throughout a spectacular film, which left me impressed.

DC released their newest movie, “Black Adam,” on Oct. 21, which features Dwayne Johnson as the quite interesting role of the main character, Black Adam. Adam is a character with an intriguing story who tries to save his city and find a place in his community. There are many compelling elements, like Adam’s unique development as a hero, which make the movie enjoyable to watch.

Adam was given special powers by the wizard Shazam to save Kahndaq, his city, from its tyrannical leader. However, his powers make the Justice Society, a group of heroes that keep order in the city, see him as a threat, and they try to take him into custody. Adam escapes and tries to help defeat the new, evil Intergang, which uses the crown of Sabbac, a source of power, to dominate the city. Even though Adam is seen as a villain and failure at the beginning, he proves himself as a hero.

The soundtrack of the movie really captured my attention. The music was made by Lorne Balfe, the composer behind the music in the “Dark Knight Trilogy” and the “Lego Batman Movie.” The theme song of the movie brings a dramatic and fast-paced melody that matches both the plot and characters in the film.

Throwbacks to the DC past are compelling aspects of the movie. The appearance of older, classic characters of the DC Universe creates a feeling of nostalgia and gives a positive spark to the film. Characters from comics in the 20th century, such as Dr. Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo) and Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), play significant roles in the plot.

The film is visually amazing and most scenes impress with their colorful and spectacular effects. One scene that truly impressed me is the fight scene between Adam and the Justice Society. The way Doctor Fate becomes invisible after he puts his helmet on and the change in the size of the Atom Smasher are masterfully done. The combat between Adam and Hawkman, as well as the damage they caused to the city, is executed perfectly as well.

There is a surprising moment in the post credits scene of “Black Adam.” Actor Henry Cavill appears as Superman in the scene, which implies that he could return in the DC Universe playing that role once again. I think this is a fantastic update, since Cavill was an amazing actor for Superman before he left.

The rivalry of Adam and Hawkman represents a very significant theme in the movie, which is the difference between what’s considered “good” and “bad” in our society. Hawkman is a very traditional hero, being a brave character who is not afraid to fight and save lives. On the other hand, Adam is seen as evil and is not appreciated because of his past mistakes. I really like this message, because it truly connects to our world today, where modern ideas challenge traditions of the past, and this serves to give a special meaning to the movie.

I think that there could be a bit more creativity in terms of the plot, since the movie sometimes seems like just another superhero movie. However, I really appreciate the change of the standard superhero backstory that we see in Adam in this film.