Cypress Field reopens after renovation period



Students enjoy the benefits of the close proximity to the multipurpose field. They may use the newly renovated area for either formal practices or recreational activities.

After 18 months of renovation and restoration, Cypress Field has reopened for civilian and athletic use.

The new field features a multipurpose stretch in the middle and two softball fields on opposite sides of the field.

Since Cypress Field is right outside of the high school, it is considerably more convenient for students. Without Cypress Field last year, many students had to walk or drive further distances to get to practice and home games.

Senior and captain of the girls varsity softball team Mackenzie Chin said that last year, the team had practice at Larz Anderson and that although the drive was supposed to be 10 minutes, it usually took 30 minutes due to traffic.

“It was definitely stressful because we only had a few people who could drive. It was a lot of pressure on our parents to come pick us up and drive people. When we had home games we’d get to Larz and the other team would already be there. It was our home field but it felt like an away field,” Chin said.

Junior and member of the boys cross country team Eliot Ebert said since practice is now at Cypress Field, he doesn’t feel rushed and he can even spend time with friends before practice.

“Last year we went to Downes Field. It’s about a 15 minute walk from here. I’d say it’s a little bit less convenient. I think a lot of people prefer Cypress because of the actual grass there. It’s easier because we’re doing exercises on it, so planks and push-ups are a lot easier to do on grass,” Ebert said.

Many students think that the conditions of the field are an improvement and are excited to be able to use it and call it their home field once again. Chin said the softball fields on Cypress are a huge improvement compared to the one at Larz Anderson Park.

“The dugouts and backstop are so much better at Cypress. The quality of the dirt is also better. At Larz Anderson it’s very hard and bumpy and here it’s a lot better. I’m hoping it doesn’t get ruined before the spring comes,” Chin said. “Larz Anderson is also a public park so a lot of people would walk by and there would be other schools there. I think this year on Cypress it’ll be a lot better because it’s more enclosed and it’s not as big a park as Larz is.”

The field is used a lot by teams and by the school for big events and gatherings. Boys junior varsity soccer coach Adam Orlando said that although the field conditions are currently good, he is nervous about them staying that way.

“It’s tricky because it is a grass field. The grass has been really nice out in front of the school. But the more we use it, the worse the field is going to become,” Orlando said.

There was controversy over whether the field should have been turf or grass. Sophomore and co-captain of the girls junior varsity soccer team Ashley Churwin said it would have been better if Cypress was turf because the field would be able to be used for much longer.

“I think the grass is going to get ripped up quickly. I think it’s going to be playable for a few years and then it’s going to turn into what Cypress Field used to be like, which was mud,” Churwin said. “Also, soccer isn’t the only sport that needs fields. Field hockey is sharing with football. Field hockey is a sport that needs turf. They shouldn’t have to practice on grass. We also have nowhere to practice if it rains because varsity shares the field up at Skyline.”

Many teams are currently using Cypress Field and sharing the space, with priority going to teams who have a game that day, so some teams are only able to use the field once or twice a week. Churwin said that the soccer team is experiencing this and only plays at Cypress on Fridays and for home games.

“This year we mostly practice at Warren Field. That field is not so great. It has dirt on it and is only half a baseball field. Since the school doesn’t have the best facilities for fields, all junior varsity and freshman teams share the field. I wish we had more turf fields in Brookline,” Churwin said.

Chin said she is excited for the move to Cypress Field and the changes that will come with it.

I’m excited to just be able to walk out onto the field and already be there. It’s a much easier commute so hopefully a few more people will come to the games since they won’t have to go all the way to Larz Anderson,” Chin said. “It’s the element that we’re playing right in front of the high school and people will be watching practice that is exciting.”