Girls varsity basketball wins their first game of the season against Scituate



The Warriors started their season off strong with a win against the Scituate Sailors on Friday Dec. 9. They beat the Sailors 71-34 in Schluntz Gym.

The girls varsity basketball team beat the Scituate Sailors by a large margin with a score of 71-34 on Friday, Dec. 9 during their first game of the season in Schluntz Gym.

The Warriors started off strong with guard and senior Margo Mattes putting two points on the board right after tipoff. The Warriors easily held the lead for the rest of the game.

As the Warriors quickly expanded their lead, the Sailors were forced to call an early time out. Mattes and senior Geanna Bryant led the team to building a big lead in the first quarter, ending with the Warriors ahead 25-7.

The Warriors dominated the second quarter as well, maintaining consistent possession of the ball. The Warriors had strong defense as they kept switching possession and taking the ball from the Sailors. As the second quarter went on, the Sailors shot many unsuccessful three pointers in a desperate attempt to catch up.

Most of the game saw the Warriors on offense as they won rebound after rebound. While the Sailors tried to dribble past Warrior defenders, the Warriors were quick to block them. With swift steps, Bryant made sure the Warriors kept possession of the ball and racked up points against the Sailors.

The second quarter ended with the Warriors up 46-18. Mattes said that she noticed by halftime that the other team was wiped out.

“I think our strength will be running up and down the court and getting the other team tired. So being able to do that the first game was great,” Mattes said.

The second half was played similarly to the first as the Warriors only improved on their lead. A number of varsity sophomores players also got to play, contributing to the win and showing the extent of talent on the team.

As the clock ran out in the fourth quarter, the final score read 71-34. Cheers erupted from the stands as students and parents stood to congratulate the Warriors.

Head coach Kendell Jones said he is happy about the outcome of the game but still believes there is room for improvement on the team.

“I wouldn’t necessarily do anything differently in the future. But what I would like for us to do is to be disciplined on defense. If we are thinking big picture, long-term we have to be disciplined early, so we have to work on it everyday,” Jones said.

Mattes, who had scored an impressive 27 points, said this first win was a great showing on the team’s part and thinks the Warriors have a great season and championship ahead of them. She said the team has many goals for the season.

“Our goal right now is just to win every game, but also to get the best seeding that we can for the tournament,” Mattes said. “Think of course, to go as far as we can.”