Chess club makes big moves



Playing during X-block, the chess club always strives to up their game.

The clock ticks down as the two players ponder their next moves. Knights, bishops and pawns are scattered across the board, and the armies are ready to collide in battle. It’s chess at its most competitive and raw state.

The chess club, which meets weekly during X-block, is a place where students can learn about the game of chess and apply their skills when playing with others. It’s a steadily growing club that provides students with a relaxing space to socialize and enjoy chess.

Chess club president and junior Jamie Evarts said that he founded the club because he grew up with the game and wanted to expand its presence at the school.

“I founded the chess club when I was a freshman in high school. Since my brother and I played chess, we said we should join the chess club. When I found out that the school didn’t actually have a chess club, I immediately got to work and drafted a proposition,” Evarts said.

The chess club’s vice president and junior Gabriel Thomas said that the club is a diverse group.

“We have a big and growing group. We have athletes, people who are really into chess and people who just want to hang out with their friends,” Thomas said. “We have beginners and players who are more advanced, so it’s a really varied group of people, and there are more coming into the club this year.”

Thomas said that the club doesn’t put pressure on the players, since it’s a place for having fun and practicing the game.

“There’s a little bit of trash-talking- you can have fun with it, it’s not serious. If you want to play really risky and have fun, you can do that. If you really want to work on your game, you can find someone who is better than you and try to play positionally,” Thomas said. “Some people come here to have fun, some come to get better. It’s a place where you can use your mind for something that’s really fun.”

Club member and sophomore Lucas Chen said that chess is a hard game, but joining the club can help players learn and improve.

“You get to play a lot of chess with the people there, and sometimes they can give you advice when you play against a stronger player,” Chen said. “There are a lot of resources online that can also help you learn the game.”

According to Thomas, the club is also involved in community work outside of school.

“Every Sunday, we go to the senior center in Brookline and play chess with some of the senior citizens who play there. Often it can get kind of lonely for them, so we go there and play chess and talk with them,” Thomas said.

Evarts said that the chess club provides a relaxed atmosphere and community, which helps players improve their skills while also having fun.

“Chess can be an intimidating game, but honestly it gets really fascinating. You can start off slow and it’s really easy to get interested in it,” Evarts said. “Here in the chess club there is a really nice and relaxed atmosphere and it feels like just hanging out. We have tons of beginners here so you will get to learn and progress with other people.”