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Bass Value breaks boundaries

Bass value congregates in a member’s living room for a rehearsal as they practice “Runaround Sue.”

Artist or athlete? Bass Value says that you can be both.

Bass Value is the high school’s new all-male-identifying acapella group. Founded this year, it’s a space for students to share their love of music.

One of Bass Value’s founders, senior Ryan Wolf, emphasized the importance of having a singing group for male-identifying students.

“We wanted an a cappella group at the high school, but the only singing club guys could join before was Glee Club,” Wolf said.

Despite the fewer opportunities for male-identifying students to be involved in the music community, senior Jamie Evarts, a member of Bass Value, feels that things are moving in the right direction.

“I’m glad that things like Bass Value are opening up. It’s hard to find that community, but I think things are expanding a lot, and there are a lot of people who are excited about this value and other opportunities like it,” Evarts said.

Bass Value was also formed as a way to encourage people from different circles to join music, according to senior Eamon Boshell. Being one of Bass Value’s founders and the varsity soccer captain this year, Boshell understands the separation between the sports community and the music community at the high school.

“For some people it seems daunting to be in both communities, and it’s almost looked down upon from both sides,” Boshell said. “But I think that {being in both communities} is something that’s made my experience unique and enriching.”

Evarts has also noticed the divide between the music community and the athletic community, but feels like Bass Value has found a positive middle ground.

“When I mentioned on the wrestling team that I was joining an acapella group they were like, ‘What? That’s crazy.’ There are definitely certain stereotypes about liking music, but Bass Value is really its own thing. It’s not necessarily for theater kids, it’s just for kids who are chill and want to sing,” Evarts said.

Despite the difficult first step of deciding to be involved in music, watching performances at the high school can be a great way to take part in the community and help you take that next step, according to Boshell.

“There are tons of opportunities to get involved in music at BHS and I know that first step is kind of scary, but once you get over it and you really get involved, it’s an amazing community, and you meet so many people that you may not have met otherwise. I really encourage anyone who has any interest in music to come to a show, see how you like it, see what it feels like, and I can guarantee you it’s a fun time,” Boshell said.

Bass Value’s first meeting was two hours of fun and games, allowing their 16 members to begin bonding and to create a communal safe space for their members to experiment musically, according to Wolf.

Boshell explained that while Bass Value is not currently accepting new members, groups like theirs help students explore their passions, which is one of the most important parts of high school.

“If I could give a piece of advice to everyone at the school, it would be to join the communities you want to be a part of, not the communities you’re told you should be a part of,” Boshell said. “That’s something that’s made my high school experience really valuable. I want to leave this high school without regrets, and I feel I can best do that by being a part of all the communities I want to be a part of.”

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