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Mecha Noodle Bar mesmerizes our taste buds

The pork belly bao offered the perfect chewy and savory accompaniment to a bitter but refreshing Temple of the Sun boba drink.

As you gorge yourself with udon noodles and tender pork belly bathed in spicy broth, a neon orange sign displays the norms of Mecha Noodle Bar: “Slurping encouraged.”

Asian-fusion restaurant Mecha Noodle Bar opened in Coolidge Corner on June 30, 2022. The eatery has been popular within the community for its various forms of Asian comfort food and warm-toned, modern interior. After trying a small sample of Mecha’s delicious selection, we can safely say that this eatery has lived up to its hype.

Upon entering the dazzling sunlit establishment, we were greeted by a sprightly server who led us to our table. Our chairs sat parallel to the street, giving us a lovely view for people-watching. Our ordered beverage arrived just as we were getting into our thoughtful conversation regarding how refreshing the water was—we were excited for a new drink to discuss.

Due to our personal budgets, we decided to share a “Temple of the Sun,” a drink comprised of African nectar tea, pineapple juice, passionfruit and boba (with an additional option of tequila, which we declined). To be frank, the drink was much too tart for our likings. A fermented undertone combined with intense sourness invaded our taste buds. The Temple of the Sun was Mecha’s trojan horse; we trusted it, but ended up wasting seven dollars which could have been spent on approximately three packs of gum. For that we give it a 4/10.

Next arrived our shared appetizer: the Pork Belly Bao. This picture-perfect dish came with two baos, the ideal meal.

This dish was, to say the least, delectable. All in one bite, we savored the crisp crunch of the pickled daikon-carrots, the tender fibers of the pork, the smooth coating of the Kewpie mayo and the gentle, chewy dough of the bao. Together, they detonated a vibrant explosion of flavor in our mouths. We give it a 9/10: “fingerlicking good.”

Ah, finally. The long awaited entrées. We ordered the shoyu paitan ramen and the spicy miso ramen with an added egg. The shoyu paitan contained ingredients new to us, such as black garlic and menma. The spicy miso ramen, on the other hand, had somewhat standard ingredients, with mushrooms, chili oil and, of course, the egg we requested.

While our eating paces differed, we equally adored our meals. The shoyu paitan’s thick flavorful broth served as the perfect backdrop to the crunchy scallions and soft egg. We awarded both the shoyu paitan and the spicy miso an 8/10.

As the sun began to set in the sky, golden rays poured through Mecha’s windows and illuminated the establishment’s vibrant wooden walls. We shared a glance knowing it was time. We said together, eyes locked, “check, please.”

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