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BARE Blends blends flavor and nutrition in smoothies

Bold, bright and bare: BARE Blends is a plant-based smoothie shop with a focus on nutritional and clean eating.

When it’s a hot summer day and you’ve been walking around all day in the heat, there is nothing better than a nice cold acai bowl or a nutrient-full smoothie. Now this can be found right in Coolidge Corner.

BARE Blends is a gluten-free, vegan, and plant-based smoothie bar that had its grand opening in Brookline on Friday, Oct. 28. Everything is made in-house from scratch with no artificial sugars added. There are eight other locations in the United States, all women-owned. The store aims to give people more gluten-free options, to provide quality food and keep their environmental impact down.

Manager and owner of the Brookline location Laura Spanbauer is a registered dietitian and enjoys how BARE Blends combines her two interests of serving food and nutrition. She said she saw a need for healthy eating in Brookline and is excited to bring it to the town.

“Hopefully, somebody’s having more fruits or vegetables today than they had yesterday. That’s the overall goal, that you’re eating a little bit healthier,” Spanbauer said. “You don’t need to be a vegan to eat here, you don’t need to be gluten-free. But everybody needs more fruits and vegetables.”

According to Spanbauer, the store hopes to go to different schools in the area and teach about nutrition. Spanbauer said fruits and vegetables are simple, yet overlooked. Spanbauer said that as part of their mission, BARE Blends wants to make sure that they are good for the planet as well as the consumer.

“About 85 percent of our waste is all compostable. So I’m working with the Brookline Composting Program through Black Earth,” Spanbauer said. “We’re really trying to do as much [as we can] for composting and environmental sustainability and consciousness in that respect.”

Junior and customer Mimi Aspi said she was interested in the store being gluten-free and vegan, which prompted her to check it out.

“I thought it was really good. People say that vegan food doesn’t taste good, but this does, and I feel they do a good job of keeping it healthy but also making it taste good,” Aspi said.

A typical menu item would be something like BARE Blends’ Cocoa Chanel, a chocolate banana smoothie with added agave for sweetness. The fruit is frozen in-house so employees can guarantee there isn’t any added ice, and is always fresh. Spanbauer and employee Jonathan Talmor both said they love and recommend the Cocoa Chanel smoothie.

“The smoothies here are really good,” Talmor said. “[Gluten free and vegan food] isn’t something I really look for, but it’s a good plus. It’s healthy and it means everyone can eat food from here.”

In addition to their products, Talmor said they also enjoy the atmosphere of BARE Blends and hopes it will bring the community together.

“I think it’ll just bring more people into Coolidge Corner in general, and give another good hangout spot for everyone,” Talmor said.

Aspi said she likes that BARE Blends is more healthy and said it will be nice to have somewhere new to go that is so close.

“​​I think the store is gonna be really helpful, especially for high schoolers and the younger community,” Aspi said. “There’s no smoothie bowl place in Brookline, so I feel it’ll be a good local spot for people to go just to have a nice little bowl.”

Spanbauer said they have been getting many customers and that residents have been very friendly. She also says BARE Blends’ staff has been very enthusiastic about the store and having a healthier place to spend time at.

“I have to say completely, sincerely that the neighborhood is phenomenal,” Spanbauer said. “People are just popping in and not even buying anything, but just saying, ‘Congratulations, welcome to the neighborhood.’”

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