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Avery Melton bats his way to Bard

Avery Melton has been a catcher on boys varsity baseball since his sophomore year, and is now committed to Bard College.

After years of hard work and effort, senior Avery Melton has committed to Bard College, where he will continue his athletic and academic career.

Melton’s passion started when he was young, with the support of his family and great-grandfather, who was featured in Norman Rockwell’s painting Bottom of the Sixth.

“My parents got me into baseball. When I was three, they gave me my first glove. It was quite a young age to start playing, and I think it’s cool to have started that early,” Melton said.

Melton’s competitive baseball career began when he met coach Jonathan Morse. Under his guidance, Melton played for the Route 2 athletics club team as a catcher on their team, “the Blue Sox,” at age 14. Morse has known Melton for a long time and said he has seen him change from the person he was when he began to play into the player he is now.

“[Avery] was a quiet, hard-working kid who didn’t really show me his sense of humor or personality right away. But once he grew comfortable with me, that side of him ended up coming out,” Morse said.

Since then, as well as playing on his club team, Melton has played on the boys varsity baseball team. He started on the freshman team and made varsity sophomore year.

Melton credits the team with supporting his enthusiasm for the game.

“[The high school] has definitely facilitated my love of baseball. It really started my freshman year. My cohort and coaches helped us during the hard freshman year of COVID,” Melton said. “I gravitated towards being a catcher because I like being involved in every play and pitch. I like being able to help my team out as much as possible.”

Melton plays with senior and captain Keenan Sawada. They previously met while playing in Little League when they were six years old.

Sawada said that Melton always gives his full effort and does everything he can to help the team succeed.

“Even if [Avery] hits a ground ball and knows he’s going to be out, he will still run through the bag, just in case there’s any chance of him getting on base. He’ll show full effort all the time,” Sawada said. “It’s what he does behind the scenes that makes him stand out.”

According to Morse, Melton’s spirit is also visible on his club team.

“He would sit down with a player if they’re having a rough day and chat with them. Whatever is happening during the game, he will help them through it,” Morse said.

Melton has been working hard to get into a college where he can continue to play baseball. Melton said he wants to help the team at Bard College as much as possible.

“I always wanted to play baseball in college, and Bard is a nice place with good academics. I’m excited to play there,” Melton said.

Morse said that through becoming a better player and searching for colleges, he has seen Melton work hard for what he wants.

“He put his head down and got to work because playing college baseball was always a dream of his,” Morse said. “His work ethic is really something to be admired.”

Sawada said Bard College will have a different playing and coaching style than the high school but believes Melton will thrive there.

“Bard will help him progress more as a baseball player. Right now, we’re learning more about strategy instead of individual performance. Bard will help him individually perform better and get stronger,” Sawada said.

Morse said that Melton has changed and evolved as a person and a player over the many years of experience.

“I’ve seen him grow,” Morse said. “Not only physically, but in taking responsibility for his career goals and making them his own.”

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