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Strengthening Christian beliefs during lunch

Students from all grades and backgrounds come together to discuss their shared Christian faith. The Christian Club is a close-knit community that meets every Thursday in room 237 during lunch.

The sound of laughter and the spirit of faith flows through room 237 as students share their common Christian beliefs and enhance their small, but close community.

From talking about their days to discussing life experiences, students in the Christian Club discuss a variety of topics from all walks of life. The goal of the long-standing club, which meets during lunch on Thursdays, is to give students a place to comfortably talk about their Christian faith and build relationships.

Sophomore Bethany Dykstra said the Christian Club is a good place to go for someone looking for a consistent, judgment-free zone that allows connections to be formed.

“I can go there every single week, and I know that there’s going to be people there with whom I’ve grown relationships that I can talk to about things going on in my life,” Dykstra said. “I know they will support me and help me through whatever I’m doing. I’m not going to be judged, and I’m not going to be criticized.”

Freshman Ian Kaczmarek said he enjoys spending his time in the club because it is made up of friendly people who are accepting of everyone.

“The club has a bunch of nice people. The adviser is very nice and easy to talk to. It’s nice to get some things off your chest with people you know and trust,” Kaczmarek said. “You can talk about anything. The best part is the fact that you can go, even if you’re not really Christian.”

For some students, the club builds a bridge between their lives inside and outside of school.

“Before this, school and my religion had been separate things,” Dykstra said. “I would go to church and have relationships with people there, and I would go to school and have those relationships. But, this has allowed them to really connect to each other.”

Club adviser Mark Fiedor said having a religion-based club affords students a stress-free environment where they can focus on coming together.

“It’s not a church service. It’s just a time with people of common interest,” Fiedor said. “I like that there’s no pressure. I don’t feel any pressure advising it, and I think the kids that come here don’t feel any pressure.”

Junior Selam O’Neill said the club gives her the confidence she needs to speak proudly about her beliefs.

“The club has made me more confident in myself. I’ve learned a lot about myself and who I am by talking to these people and having them share their ideas,” O’Neill said. “I share my story with them and they give me feedback. They’ll give me goals or just ideas, which helps me see that I shouldn’t be afraid to talk about my religion.”

Fiedor is inspired by the many stories that students have shared with him over the years. He said he appreciates hearing different ways Christianity impacts students’ lives.

“It’s always incredible to listen to people’s stories. We’ve had so many different incredible life stories that people have shared about how Christian teaching and Jesus’s influences have changed them in some way,” Fiedor said. “It’s pretty powerful to listen to people’s testimonies and their own personal journeys.”

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