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Library welcomes new librarian Molly Wallner

Bringing her enthusiastic and youthful energy each day, Wallner is the library’s newest addition.

Among the library’s endless collection of fantasy and fiction, a new chapter unfolds with the arrival of the engaging and spirited librarian Molly Wallner.

Whether it be pulling out books for students or helping with research papers, Wallner combines her energetic personality with her passion for books.

Before arriving in March of this year, Wallner worked for five years as a librarian at the Palo Alto Public Library in California. She was also a student teacher at the high school in 2018 and said she enjoys the diverse and lively environment.

“I love that there’s always something new every day. Everybody that I meet is doing something amazing that I could just listen to forever,” Wallner said. “I think just the dynamics of the community here are what I love the most.”

Librarian Shelley Mains said Wallner’s personality and knowledge stand out.

“What makes her a great librarian is she just has a great personality that really draws people out, and she knows a ton,” Mains said.

Mains also said that Wallner’s young age is beneficial because it can promote a more relatable and inviting space for students.

“The more we can represent and bring things that help students feel at home in the library the better, and certainly being young is one of those things. That makes a huge difference,” Mains said.

Wallner said she hopes she can be supportive to students in the library and help them feel at ease.

“I do feel like [being young] can be helpful just in providing a new perspective. Hopefully students will feel a bit more comfortable like that. I’m more approachable, so I hope that I give off that vibe,” Wallner said.

One of Wallner’s main initiatives is working with the library’s student volunteers. She said the benefit of having student volunteers is that they can help their peers in the library while gaining valuable work experience.

“It’s super beneficial for the students themselves because then they can gain work experience in a space that’s super friendly and that they’re comfortable in,” Wallner said. “They’re building these skills that will then serve them in the future without it feeling so heavy as a first job.”

Sophomore Dani Lyons, who works as a student volunteer in the library, said she appreciates how sociable and welcoming Wallner is.

“She always makes attempts to spark conversations with others, which is so nice. It makes her such a welcoming person,” Lyons said.

As the library is a hub, Wallner believes it is imperative that it be as supportive and welcoming to students as possible.

“I always think of the library as the heart of the school because it’s somewhere that everybody comes to. We see all of the students in the library and they’re all coming in and out all day. So I think having a strong library, it just helps,” Wallner said. “It helps every single person that’s in the community feel more comfortable, confident, welcome and just set up for success in their lives.”

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