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Ori Levy’s “Ori Originals”: quarantine-based artistic passion turned into business

Ori Levy’s business, “Ori Originals” came from her passion in nail art, something which was built over the course of the COVID pandemic.

What do bold colors, intricate designs and meticulously drawn details have in common? They can all be found on freshman Ori Levy’s hand-painted nail sets.

After becoming interested in nail art during the COVID pandemic when she was in the 6th grade, Ori Levy turned her passion into a business. Now, she uses it to explore her artistic side.

Ori Levy has sold several sets, mostly as press-ons, through her brand called “Ori Originals.” If someone is interested in purchasing a nail set, they can ask for a specific design, and Ori Levy gives them the nails, a box to put them in and glue to apply them.

The one to two-hour journey of completing a nail set usually starts on Pinterest while Ori Levy looks for inspiration for her next design. After meticulously buffing, filing and shaping, the colorful designs are added and the set is complete.

Lately, Ori Levy said she has stopped creating custom nails as most people go to salons to get their nails done, usually acrylics. However, Ori Levy said that she feels strongly about the high cost of an average nail set.

“People are out here scamming. My friends will come with red nails and it’ll be 90 dollars and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this is just crazy,’” Ori Levy said.

Despite not selling as many sets now, Ori Levy said that she’s still contemplating the role of selling her nail art in the future. As of now, she said that it could be a possible side hustle in college while having fun.

In addition to it being an artistic pursuit, Ori Levy says that nail art is a source of emotional uplift for her.

“I always feel really great when my friends are like, ‘Oh my God, that’s such a cute set!’ So it’s kind of a confidence booster,” she said.

Beyond nail art, Ori Levy is also interested in baking, fashion, makeup and design. She’s a singer and musician; she plays the piano and sings for both the Glee Club and Perfect Pitch. Other than that, she’s also interested in STEM and playing volleyball. Ori Levy’s sister, senior Yuval Levy, commends her sister’s many dimensions.

“She has a lot of really great artistic talent and beyond that, she’s also really invested in school, she’s very smart. A well-rounded individual.” Yuval Levy said.

To Yuval Levy, nail art is the perfect way for Ori Levy to combine her creative skills.

“She’s always had this kind of more unconventional style of art,” Yuval Levy said. “So I think that the nails were a really great way for her to combine her love of fashion, makeup and design with something that she can wear on her body; I think she gets to show it off in a way that a lot of artists don’t really get to.”

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