Business club uses stickers to train members



Members of the club, Ali Arvelo and Sasha Efremova, stand at their table during the Club Fair.

The Business Professionals of Brookline Club (BPB) loves getting down to business, particularly when it comes to their budding sticker venture.

Founded in October of 2020 by seniors Ali Arvelo and Evamena Ekelemu, the BPB runs its own sticker business by utilizing the talents of the artists in the club in order to diversify the skill sets of its members. The founders, now seniors, work to create an environment that is both productive and calming for their members.

“The last meeting, we introduced the club to the new members. I feel like it’s a super chill environment, we doodle on the whiteboards at the end of club meetings, sometimes even during them. Other days, like last year, we just talked about stickers and it was mostly just about managing the business,” Ekelemu said.

Arvelo said that the foundations of the sticker business are in place, but they hope to expand.

“One idea was to buy sticker paper off Amazon, print out our designs and then leave them around to advertise,” Arvelo said.

The stickers are designed by the members of the club; artists who enjoy the low stress environment as well as the space for creativity.

“The revising process isn’t as stressful as you would think it is when your clients are nice,” Arvelo said.

Senior Sasha Efremova said that they have been given the opportunity to create specifically designed stickers for another club.

“There was one client so far, the Science Club, and they wanted 500 stickers,” Efremova said.

One sticker, known as Bercarus, was named after Ekelemu’s stuffed animal and is particularly special to the club and the co-founder.

According to Efremova, it is an enjoyable process to make the stickers and the finished product is often a source of pride for club members.

“I put the stickers I made on my computer and I have a lot of pride when I’m able to say, ‘Oh yeah, my club made that’ cause it’s holographic and cool,” Efremova said.

The club has its own Instagram page (@brooklinestickers) that showcases their stickers and gives the public a glimpse into the club.

When they’re not talking about the sticker business, the club consists of many talent-building activities such as guest speakers and opportunities to practice marketing, advertising and product development.

Club meetings explore the logistics of managing a business and give people space to relax and bond. The club also offers an alternative to the more established business clubs at the high school.

“I feel like some of the other business clubs are already super established and there’s a lot of pressure to know what you’re doing,” Ekelemu said. “With BPB, I kind of said, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing either, so just show up and let’s figure it out.”