Letter from the Editors: our new name and the changes ahead


We are so excited to announce the newspaper’s new name: “The Cypress.” After reviewing hundreds of suggestions from our community, our staff worked together to select the new name.

“The Cypress” is inspired by the name of the street and field in front of the high school’s main building, both local landmarks intrinsically connected to this school. “Cypress” is also a type of tree, which to us represents wisdom and stability. Finally, the word “press” is embedded in the name, which could not be more fitting.

Changing the name is the beginning of many more changes to come. Our staff is reimagining our paper: from aesthetics to mission. We will be redesigning elements of the newspaper’s print layout and website to accompany the new name. Our staff will also continue to reflect on the newspaper’s 130 years as “The Sagamore” by analyzing our values and content.

Stay on the lookout for these changes as the year progresses and an event officially unveiling our new name and merchandise this spring!

We hope you all will share our love for “The Cypress.”

Anya Rao, Eleanor Bergstein and Anisa Sharma
The Cypress