Jared Sokoloff’s journey into the world of art



As Jared Sokoloff embarked on his voyage in art, he began with paintings and drawings of athletes and musicians.

A makeshift art studio in a family summer home uncovered a passion for junior Jared Sokoloff, which led him to create a dazzling variety of paintings, drawings and graphic designs.

Sokoloff’s passion for art began when he decided to join his grandmother in her art studio in Martha’s Vineyard. When he returned home from his grandmother’s house in 2018, he created a studio of his own.

“When I came home, I went up to my attic and I portioned off some of it for art,” Sokoloff said. “I also went to the store and bought a bunch of brushes and paints.”

Sokoloff started off with simple paintings and drawings of his favorite sports players and album covers of his favorite musical artists. However, as he became more and more advanced in his abilities, he started creating digital graphics and stop motion pieces which he posts on his art Instagram account.

Saira Chander, a junior and close friend of Sokoloff, said she’s been watching Sokoloff grow as an artist and explore his artistry over the years.

“I think many of us get caught up with the expectations BHS puts on us,” Chander said. “It is truly inspiring to see Jared pursue his passions.”

Noah Berkson, junior and another friend of Sokoloff’s, talked about how Sokoloff is a natural leader in all aspects of life.

“He is always willing to help and keep people on task to get things done,” Berkson said. “People definitely gravitate towards him because of his ability to make everyone in a room feel good about themselves.”

Sokoloff is unsure about where specifically his art will take him in the future, but, for now, he is enjoying the process and making new things that others appreciate.

“I don’t know where it will take me,” Sokoloff said. “But I do know that it is fun to create things that I can give to family members, give to my brothers or put on my wall.”