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Juniors win Powerpuff 23-21

The juniors beat the seniors 23-21 in the annual Powerpuff game on Tuesday, Nov. 21 at Parsons Field.

In an upset few would have predicted, juniors defeated seniors 23-21 during Powerpuff, the annual girls flag football game, on Tuesday, Nov. 21, around 3:30 p.m. at Parsons Field. The game was historic as it is one of the few times the juniors have defeated the seniors in the game’s 26-year history.

The game got off to a quick start. The juniors, dressed in blue, rushed forward, applying massive pressure to the senior defense. Donning red, the seniors, fought valiantly in return, but the juniors dominated the first quarter in possession and scoring.

Ten minutes into the game, junior Mia DiCarlo scored the game’s first touchdown thanks to a running pass by quarterback Shayna Chin. Seven minutes later, junior Nai Azzi scored the game’s second touchdown, bringing the score to 14-0 juniors.

With juniors taking the lead, tensions rose among both the athletes and the fans. The senior and sophomore section of the stands grew raucous and passionate, chanting, “I believe that we will win” and “Ann Collins” in honor of soon-to-be-retired school librarian Ann Collins, who refereed her final Powerpuff game.

The seniors regained their footing after quarterback Brianna Robinson ran the ball down the field and scored the first senior touchdown 25 minutes into the game. Running back Amara Ukomadu then scored the second senior touchdown before the half ended. However, this wasn’t enough to tie the score as Azzi scored yet another touchdown before the refs blew the whistle, leaving the blue team in the lead and the score at 21-14 going into halftime.

The K-pop dance collective “Popcorn” provided halftime entertainment, followed by the student dance group Cantico, who swept onto the field, dancing to a medley of songs, including “Toxic” by Britney Spears and “Motorsport” by Migos. By then, the crowd had mellowed out, yet the energy of those in the stands surged once more at the start of the second half.

While seniors held their younger counterparts scoreless during the second half, they also struggled to score. Red team coaches were visibly stressed; when asked by Cypress reporters how the game was going for seniors in the second half, coach and English teacher Nick Rothstein stroked his chin, saying, “It’s not going well” before adding that there were “good signs” that seniors could turn the tide of the game. Later on in the third quarter, the juniors were awarded a safety after seniors fumbled the ball in the junior end zone, adding two points to their score and upping the stakes.

Seniors came close to scoring throughout the second half but couldn’t follow through. However, Ukomadu came to the rescue again, scoring a touchdown with ten minutes left in the game, bringing the score to 23-21. Unfortunately for the seniors, this wasn’t enough to secure a win, and the game ended with a victory from the juniors and a score of 23-21. As the clock ran out, those in the stands rushed onto the field, bringing the contentious and rowdy game to a close.

Rothstein reflected on the seniors’ loss moments after the game ended, alluding to the team’s strategic failures.

“It’s never good when the seniors lose a flag football game,” Rothstein said. “On defense, we didn’t seem quite able to step up and make the plays that we needed at the right time… I’ll tell you, a lot of seniors are upset right now.”

Ukomadu, fresh off her final girls varsity soccer season, echoed similar sentiments.

“It’s our senior year, we only get two Powerpuff games, and I wanted to bring [a win] home,” Ukomadu said. “It sucks that we lost, but it was a close game, and it was fun to play with everybody.”

Meanwhile, DiCarlo was elated by the blue team’s unprecedented win.

“It’s crazy. I had high hopes. We prepared hard, and we gave it our all, but juniors are not supposed to win,” DiCarlo said.

Blue team coach and history teacher Mark Wheeler brought a wealth of experience to the game, having coached the game for 20 years.

“This is the third time that I know [juniors have won Powerpuff,]” Wheeler said. “It’s rare, but I think it goes to show the kids that the game is fair.”

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