Caroline Driscoll inspires teammates on two teams



Not satisfied with playing one sport, Caroline Driscoll is both the captain of the girls varsity tennis team and the captain of girls varsity hockey. Teammates from both her teams praise her athletic strength and aproachability.

Hockey, soccer, tennis, cross country – you name it, she’s played it. Not just that, but she’s excelled at it.
Currently focusing on tennis as her main sport, senior and captain of the girls varsity tennis team and the girls varsity hockey team, Caroline Driscoll is no stranger to a balancing act. Juggling school, sports and social life can be a lot, but she has managed well, according to her teammates, siblings and coaches.

Caroline Driscoll grew up in a family with three other siblings and has been playing tennis, among other sports, with them since she was five years old. She has stuck with the sport , and her hard work and commitment has paid off. Last spring, at the conclusion of her junior year season on the girls tennis team, she was voted captain of the varsity tennis team. Additionally, in November she announced her commitment to play Division I tennis at the University of Denver.

Caroline Driscoll said playing tennis for the high school has allowed her to make a lot of friends, some of whom she may have never met in the first place.

“I’ve made some really good friends on the team. I love all the freshmen and sophomores and I have really gotten to know kids in different grades which is really nice,” Caroline Driscoll said.

In addition to tennis, Caroline Driscoll serves as the co-captain for the girls varsity hockey team. Julia Janowski, fellow co-captain on the hockey team, said she admires Caroline Driscoll’s ability to lead the team.

“It’s been a great experience being the only junior captain while having two seniors along with me to look up to. Caroline’s been a great co-captain. She’s helped me through a lot of issues with the team and she’s helped me learn how to be a good leader,” Janowski said.

Caroline Driscoll’s younger sister, sophomore Maddie Driscoll, plays on the tennis team and said she admires her sister’s accomplishments and dedication to her sport.

“She would do something, so I would do it too. I would always look up to her, and I liked doing what she did. That’s kind of what got me into tennis. I would always see her playing and would want to be just like her,” Maddie Driscoll said.

Maddie Driscoll said that her parents, despite playing tennis in college themselves, originally wanted their daughters to avoid the sport.

“They wanted us to play other sports because they had already been through tennis, and it’s just an individual sport unless you’re on a team like we are at BHS. We picked it up because they both played and we both really enjoyed it and followed in their footsteps,” Maddie Driscoll said.

Caroline Driscoll said maintaining a balance between sports and school has kept her busy.

“It’s really hard to balance. I’m playing high school hockey right now and I’m captain of the team too, so right now has been a lot. I know where I’m going to college so that helps cause it’s a stress reliever on the academic part. It’s definitely hard to balance, but I like being busy,” Caroline Driscoll said.

Caroline Driscoll said she has periodically found herself discouraged about sports and implores others to persevere.
“It’s hard because sometimes you put in a lot of effort and it doesn’t really show, but at the end of the day, it ends up being worth it. You just have to trust that your hard work is going to pay off, it may just take some time,” Driscoll said.

Janowski said that even through adversity, she has managed to maintain a positive attitude and inspired her teammates around her.

“She’s super funny, caring and passionate about the sport and honestly just athletics in general. She’s a great athlete and a really great co-captain and leader for the team,” Janoswki said.

Maddie Driscoll said that it has been exciting to see her sister commit to a college and reap the rewards of her work.

“She works really hard and she’s put in a lot of time and work her whole life, so it’s really nice to see all of that pay off,” Maddie Driscoll said. “It’s amazing how committed she is and dedicated and how hard she works at it. It’s super exciting, and I’m really happy for her.”