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Boys varsity soccer beat the Framingham Flyers 2-0

Quick on his feet, senior Seba Spinelli passed the ball before a Wellesley player could position for a block. The boys varsity soccer team went up against the Wellesley Raiders on Thursday, October 26 at Skyline Park. The Warriors won 2-0.

The boys varsity soccer team beat the Framingham Flyers 2-0 on Thursday, Oct. 26 at Skyline Park. This was a significant result as it helped the team’s ranking for the playoffs.

The game took some time to heat up, as each team fought for possession of the ball. Captain and senior Jackson Magee blocked two of the Flyers shots, and senior Jason Ribatt made several breaks down the side. However, as neither team was able to score, the halftime score rested at 0-0.

The Warriors returned in the second half with a newfound ferocity and sophomore Grady Ames scored a goal that shifted the momentum in favor of the Warriors.

Boys varsity soccer head coach Kylie Beaulieu-Jones said that Ames and the rest of the team had an impressive performance.

“Grady’s goal would definitely be a highlight. The covering for each other and the desire to win the ball were definitely highlights, just all around,” Beaulieu-Jones said.

The Flyers fought to level out the score, but the Warriors kept them off the score sheet, instead scoring again when senior Henry Ames sent the ball into the box and senior Eamon Boshell slammed the ball into the goal with a well-timed slide.

Following their goal, the Warriors upheld a strong defense but did not abandon their offensive efforts.

Senior Eli Traub delivered a powerful strike that almost soared but was deflected by the Flyers goal post. The Warriors made several more attempts to score with corner kicks from Boshell and senior Seba Spinelli but could not maintain ball possession. The final whistle blew and the Warriors won 2-0.

Senior Sebastian Cuervo said that the team’s spirit has greatly improved.

“We were tired throughout the game, but we still supported one another from the bench and the field, and that’s what matters. That’s what helps us build team character,” Cuervo said.

Beaulieu-Jones said the game was a product of consistent effort and determination throughout the season.

“We’ve been working really hard and we’ve had letdowns throughout individual games. We put together 80 good minutes and it is something they should really be proud of,” Beaulieu-Jones said.

According to Magee, this game is another step in the team’s path to the State Championship, and the Warriors need to keep fighting to continue moving up.

“I think we’re undefeated in our last six games now. We should build off this, go into Braintree, win that, and go into the tournament with momentum,” Magee said.

Stern said that the team is united by their motivation to achieve victory at States.

“Having the opportunity to try and win the State Championship again is my ultimate goal, and I know my teammates feel the same way,” Stern said. “We all share the common goal of winning the State Championship.“

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